Welltel OneCloud is targeted at

organisations who want to

move as much of their IT

into the cloud as possible

A disaster such as fire, flood or major service outages can strike at any time. Your business cannot afford prolonged downtime so you need a service that can bring your essential business applications back online quickly. Welltel service consists of standby infrastructure in a secure data centre that keeps your essential business applications running when disaster strikes.


  • Low Capital Outlay. Affordable Monthly OpEx Model
  • No Physical Server Hardware needed
  • Service Scales (up/down) with the Business
  • Simplifies & Secures Remote Working without the need for VPNs
  • Integrates with existing Cloud Services inc O365 email
  • Securely Access Files and Data Remotely
  • Securely Share Files and Documents Externally
  • Easily bolt on additional Security layers e.g Automated Patch Management


  • Integrates the Best Enterprise-Grade Features from trusted cloud platforms
  • Secure Cloud File Sharing Service with advanced security and backups
  • Authentication and Two Factor Authentication when accessing data.
  • Total control over where data resides. File Data stored in EU/Irish Data Centre.
  • Cloud Data Encrypted (at rest and in-flight)
  • Supports Multiple Devices and Browsers
  • Centralised Identity Management with Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Built in Enterprise Security Features


Elevate your business with Welltel OneCloud. An agile and flexible cloud platform that enables fast business growth.



Welltel helps Flynn Management & Contractors construct from the cloud. Welltel’s implementation of the hybrid cloud environment has enabled Flynn employees to access the most up to date information while on site.


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