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What is UAN and where to find it?

By September 28, 2020January 25th, 2022broadband, customer service
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Dealing with customers that have many different providers we get this question a lot. A UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique number that recognizes the line that brings broadband and phone signals to a building. A customer usually will be asked to provide their UAN when switching broadband providers or when wanting to keep the same phone number when switching phone providers. 

Where can you find your UAN?

The commission for Communications Regulation requires all broadband and phone providers to issue all customers a UAN in order to simplify the switching process. Most broadband and phone suppliers will state customer’s UAN on their bill, if you’re an Eir customer, your UAN is the same as your account number. If you are struggling to find your UAN on your bills, then you can always call your providers and ask for it, otherwise, the table below will help you find your UAN. 

Why do you need your UAN?

You will be asked for your UAN when switching a phone line based broadband provider. If you are switching a cable or wireless provider you should not be asked for a UAN. 

If you are switching phone providers and would like to keep the same number, you will also have to provide your UAN. 

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