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Infographic: Why Your Business Should Consider Using Multi-Factor Authentication?

By January 27, 2021January 25th, 2022cybersecurity

A stolen account can cost a lot of damage to any business. Good news is that with multi-factor authentication it is relatively easy and cheap to make sure your business and employee data is secure. Multi-factor authentication helps to improve security and usability without hindering any features of the service/software.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor (or two-factor) authentication is an additional security layer that you can add to your standard login process. Each login attempt will require the account owner’s verification. Verification is usually sent to the owner. The login is confirmed by either typing in the verification code sent that is valid for several minutes or clicking on a link. This additional security level protects your account from being accessed even when the main password is corrupted making the account almost impossible to hack.

We have gathered statistics that highlight the importance of a secure login process and how multi-factor authentication can help you avoid hacked accounts.

Multi Factor Authentification INFOGRAPHIC

According to security reports, internet users tend to not think too much about the security of the password they choose thus making it extremely easy for hackers to access all their accounts at ones. A password is considered weak if it includes repeating letters, numbers, or common phrases. Another important secure password rule is to never reuse the same password for multiple accounts as hackers often will try to use the password, they have access to on popular platforms. With multi-factor authentication services require verification from the account owner which makes it almost impossible for anyone else to access the account without the owner’s knowledge.

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